Aadharshila, aadharshila and aadharshila - three mistakes of my life!!!

Aadharshila school is the school where I study. Located in the valad village of gandhinagar, it has some pretty good atmosphere around the campus, agreed on that.But to show the true colours of school we have brought you this post.So let's move right ahead to review of the school.

First of  all - study. Only 1 in 5 teachers are actually coming to school to teach. Others are coming because they need to come up with the job along with their tutions.Some teachers are very co-operative and honest to their job, agreed to that. But the rest of them doesn't care a damn about whether the student gets knowledge or not.

Second aspect on which I am saying this school is worst and most important is principal and system. They ha ve this stupid system in which student can't take their notes to their home.It's not the actual problem, the actual problem is that they do torture the student a lot if they are cought with books while going to home from aadharshila school.I mean WTF , they insult him/her in  front of whole school and another shitty thing is that they also take 2 rs. chocolate from you if you brought them to school. And again they give you punishment for that. Another thing is they appoint shitty system of houses -  in which they divide students into four teams in which students have to prepare shitty charts and projects which nobody reads or give a F about.Then they appoint volunteers which irritate students a lot! Again  shitty system of aadharshila!! PATHETIC!

Third thing I want to discuss is about the school food which they give in breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is pathetic and worst with some exeptions of Idli,bhel and sev-sal which are only great.Lunch is definitely pathetic over there and you may find dry roti and leftover food if you are staying in hostel.

Next thing I want to tell is fake advertisements they do. Like once they did advertisement is horse riding but they took horses on rent for 3-4 days and they stopped it.And they are no maths center and aloha like center which they advertise :D

Coming to final verdict of aadharshila school , should you get admission in this school? 


Don't waste your time and money in this school is the thing I want to tell you.